Nuclear Cover Ups : DVD

The radiation century, 1900 – 2000, saw a steady increase in childhood cancer and leukaemia in step with the parallel contamination of the human environment. The releases of Radium and Uranium into the environment in the first half of the century were augmented after 1950 by contamination from atmospheric weapons test fallout, nuclear power station accidents and licensed nuclear discharges. Novel radioactive substances like Strontium-90, Plutonium-239 and Caesium-137 entered the food chain and now contaminate everyone on earth.  The result is a cancer epidemic in adults and children, which has consistently been covered up by the authorities.  This cover-up began with the agreement in 1959 between the International Atomic Energy Agency and the World Health Organisation, which is still in force.  Two separate films about these cover-ups are presented on this DVD and are introduced in a short film by Dr. Chris Busby of Green Audit.

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