Green Audit offers the following services:

Small-area epidemiology and epidemiological research
Radiochemical analysis and advice on radiological hazards
Expert witness service
Economic analyses and reports
Statistical analysis of social research
Review and analysis of technical material
Printing and publishing (see more below)
Sale of our published titles

Printing and Publishing

Dissemination of information in these areas is a major problem. The problems of the so-called free press have been well described by Chomsky in his seminal work Manufacturing Consent. Publishing companies are also a part of the system we are challenging and they can control routes of access for information. Because it is important that studies which disagree with the accepted paradigm are made public and discussed as widely as possible, Green Audit has its own printing presses and publication programme. At modest cost we are able to rapidly print and distribute small booklets outlining the results of our research. These can also be used as vehicles to gain access to TV and radio: this route represents an important method of effecting change. If you have an important work that deserves publication contact us at

The following titles are available from Green Audit: (For details see Publications)

C. C. Busby, Wolves of Water: (2007). £12.00 + £5.00 postage  / €20. 00 + €12.00

C. C. Busby, Wings of Death: Nuclear Pollution and Human Health (1995): £10.99 + £2.00 postage / € 16.00 +  €6.00

ECRR 2003 -Recommendations of the ECRR  £45.00 + £5.00 postage / €75.00 + €5.00

A. Philips and J. Philips, Killing Fields in the Home: Reducing the Health Risks from Home Electrical Appliances and Wiring (1999): £8.00 + £1.00 /€12.00 + €4.00

M. S. Cato, C. C. Busby, and R. Bramhall, I Don’t Know Much About Science: Public Policy-Making in Scientific and Technical Areas (2000): £5.00 + £1.00/ €8.00 + €4.00

M. S. Cato, Arbeit Macht Frei and Other Lies about Work (2001): 

M. S. Cato and M. Kennett, Green Economics: Beyond Supply and Demand to Meeting People’s Needs (1999): £12.00 + £2.00 postage

ECRR 2006 – Chernobyl:20 Years On. Out of Print. Downloadable from

To obtain any of these titles either send a cheque for the appropriate amount made payable to ‘Green Audit’ or email us at  requesting the title and we will send you the book with an invoice.