Green Audit Papers and Reports

Chris Busby, Mireille de Messieres, Saoirse Morgan (2007) Infant and
Perinatal Mortality and Stillbirths near Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station in Somerset,1993-2005. Occasional Paper 2007/6 Green Audit: Aberystwyth

Chris Busby , Richard Bramhall (2002) Breast Cancer Mortality and Proximity to Bradwell Nuclear Power Station in Essex 1995-1999. Correction and Update to 2001 with a commentary on Official Responses. Occasional Paper 2002/6 December 2002; Green Audit: Aberystwyth

The kingscliffe radioactive waste landfill proposal of augean ltd .
scientific appraisal for the public enquiry .
Ga report 2010/11

Childhood leukemia cluster at dalgety bay, fife,
scotland green audit occasional paper 2011/12

Enhancement of absorbed dose from natural background gamma radiation
due to photoelectron induction in uranium particles.
With some comments on pattison et al 2009 and the royal society.
Occasional paper 2010/2

Final report of the depleted uranium oversight board submitted to the
undersecretary of state for defence February 2007

Meteorogical records, airflow and other factors affecting local fallout
from british nuclear tests at christmas island in 1957-58.
Occasional paper 2010/12

Depleted uranium in kosovo Review of unep report of 13th march 2001;
occasional paper 3/2001

Poisoning eden: the health effects of radioactive contamination of the environment;
given at the ukaea/bnes conference:nedcon’02; chilton oxford, april 25


Review of the home office statement on the health consequences of exposure
to depleted uranium in kosovo; report 2002/2

 High risks at low doses British nuclear energy society, oxford, 2002
Sept 2002

On internal irradiation and the health consequences of the chernobyl accident
Presented at the sixth conference of the british and irish charity organisations
on mitigating the consequences in belarus of the chernobyl catastrophe, london april 6th 2001.
April 2001

Cancer in burnham on sea north Results of the pcah questionnaire Occasional paper 2002/5
July 2002

The 2003 health survey of penyffordd Results of the cank questionnaire survey; Report 2004/3
April 2004

Small area cancer epidemiology For the citizen: an introduction Presentation to the citizen epidemiology conference north western university, illinois, 21/05/05

Criticisms of the 1992 nordic leukemia paper of darby et al.

Science on trial: on the biological effects and health risks following exposure to aerosols produced by the use of depleted uranium weapons Invited presentation to the royal society london, july 19th 2000 ; also given in part to the International conference against depleted uranium Manchester, 4th –5th november 2000; Occasional paper 2000/11

Report of radioactivity survey near ray fox’s house, 337 wokingham rd, earley, reading on 17 june 2003 and  analysis of samples taken from the site

Depleted science: health consequences and mechanisms of exposure to fallout from depleted uranium weapons contribution to International du conference Hamburg oct 16-19th 2003;
paper 2003/6

Lymphoma inicdence in italian military personell involved in operations in bosnia and kosovo
April 2002

Nuclear pollution, childhood leukaemia and brain tumours in gwynedd and anglesey wards near the menai straits, north wales 2000-2003;report 04/1a
Jan 2004

Pandora’s canister: a preliminary examination of the safety assessment sr-site for the skb proposed kbs-3 nuclear waste repository at forsmark sweden and associated activities relating to the disposal of spent nuclear fuel submission to: the swedish land and environmental court, unit 3, nacka district court, case no case m 1333-11 Swedish radiation protection agency, strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten, reference numbers: Ssm2011-3522 for repository application Ssm2011-3833 for clink application Green audit 2012/12

The health effects of exposures to radioactivity from the us pacific nuclear tests in the marshall is. Criticisms of the analysis of simon et al 2010 radiation doses and cancer risks in the marshall islands associated with exposure to radioactive fallout from bikini and enewetak nuclear weapons tests and supporting documentation occasional paper 2012/6

Mr john cammish; cancer of the larynx in relation to prior exposure to radioactivity whilst serving in the royal air force; report for the mod pension appeal tribunal
June 2010

The health outcome of the fukushima catastrophe ;initial analysis from risk model of the  european committee on radiation risk ecrr occasional paper 2011/7
30th March 2011

First evidence of global contamination from alpha-emitting particulates from fukushima.
Elevated uranium in air filters in hawaii and marianas islands
April 2011

Predicting the global health consequences of the chernobyl accident;
methodology of the european committee on radiation risk
April 24th 2011

Radioactivity in vehicle air filters from fukushima part i gamma emitting radionuclides.
July 2011

The exposure of mr lowell ryman to radioactivity as a child at los alamos and his death from multiple myeloma Lowell ryman dec. Vs regents for the university of california, los alamos national laboratory and the zia company
18 March 2010

Real data from the hiroshima bomb shows that the japanese a bomb study conclusions are  false
Jan 2010

Ionizing radiation and children’s health: conclusions

Review of mark purdey: animal pharm for caduceus

Did chemical exposures of servicemen at porton down result in subsequent effects on their health? The 2005 porton down veterans support group case control study. First report. Occasional paper 2006/2

Breast cancer incidence in burnham on sea, somerset 1994-2004.further evidence of effects from radioactive discharges From hinkley point nuclear power station Research note 06/2008
Sept 23rd 2008

Book: arbeit mach frei and other myths about work

 Advanced biochemical and biophysicalaspects of uranium contamination

Busby expertise howarth and smith

The areva midwest uranium mining project, saskachewan, canada.
Public health and ethical implications. Report 2008/1

Cerrie report

Fallujah uranium hair study

Wolves of water flyer

Sarah darby and the nordic leukemia study

The non hodgkin lymphoma of steve dornan and his previous exposure to contamination
from uranium weapons in bosnia
Dec 2009

The illness of stuart raymond dyson, deceased and his previous exposure to uranium weapons in gulf war i. Report on probability of causation For hm coroner Black country coroners district Smethwick, w. Midlands
March 2009

The illness of stuart raymond dyson, deceased and his previous exposure to uranium weapons in gulf war i. Supplementary report on probability of causation for hm coroner Black country coroners district Smethwick, w. Midlands& response to dstl  report: Assessment of the possible risks to mr stuart raymond dyson from the use of depleted uranium munitions in the 1990/91 gulf war By ron brown
Sept 2009

Dyson rule 43 minister response to loss of case by mod and response from coroner.

Dyson rule 43letter to minister

Did he use of Uranium weapons in Gulf War 2 result in contamination of Europe?
Evidence from the measurements of the Atomic eapons Establishment, Aldermaston, Berkshire, UK.
Occasional Paper 2006/1

Chemical elements, ionising radiation, photoelectrons and evolution. Paper rejected by J Roy Soc Interface
Sept 2007

Do the biological effects of Uranium result from secondary photoelectron amplification of background radiation?
Part I: Particles Paper “unsubmitted” by J Roy Soc B

Secondary photoelectron amplification of background radiation. Part II: Phantom radiotoxicity of uranium. Paper rejected by J Roy Soc Interface after 3 referees recommended publication . See video “scientific dishonesty”

Infant and Perinatal Mortality and Stillbirths near Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station in Somerset,1993-2005; Occasional Paper 2007/6

Yury Bandashevsky’s first book printed and sent to Chris Busby in 2000;
the cause of Bandashevsky’s imprisonment; scanned

Health Effects of Mobile Phone Transmitter Masts
May 2007  

 Very low dose foetal exposure to Chernobyl contamination in Europe resulted in increases in infant leukaemia and raises questions about current radiation risk models. Critical peer reviewed paper in the discussion of  ICRP risk model.

Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex-Ratio in Fallujah, 
Iraq 2005–2009

Sellafield and cancer near the Irish Sea; Wolves of Water chapter