Re-justification of Euratom UK here

UPDATE; Response from UK government expected in March 2016 to this application. Here is the template for other UK submissions (YOU JUST NEED TO FILL IN THE AREAS IN RED) NAME,ADDRESS,EMAIL Dr Mina Golshan Euratom Contact Justification Application Centre (JAC) Mezzanine 55 Whitehall Place London SW1A 2EY. and by email to cc. Rt Hon [...]

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Template for all European Countries

Dr Christopher Busby, Green Audit, 2 Bridge St. Bideford, Devon EX39 2BU On behalf of the: International Foundation for Research on Radioactivity Risk, Stockholm Baltic Sea Region Radioactivity Watch International Committee on Nuclear Justice Green Audit, UK, Low Level Radiation Campaign, UK Tel +44 7989 428833 7th December 2016 To [...]

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Irish application here

Irish application here Posted on December 12, 2016 by arclight2011part2 From: Shaun McGee Flat 4, Churchview Hse, Bedford Row Limerick City Co. Limerick Ireland To : Micheál Lehane (Director of the Office of Radiological Protection) cc – Ciara McMahon and Paul MacDonald (Environmental Protection Agency Radiological Department) PO Box 3000 Johnstown Castle Estate Wexford Y35 [...]

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