Explanation of Child leukemia both near High Voltage Powerlines and near Nuclear Sites

In a new paper published today in the peer review journal Pediatric Dimensions, Prof. Busby presents the explanation for the increased rates of child leukemia found in those children living within 200m of high voltage powerlines [http://www.oatext.com/childhood-leukemia-atmospheric-test-fallout-and-high-voltage-power-distribution-lines.php]. There is a strong statistical correlation between the trend in time of excess child leukemia rates and the [...]

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Environmental Research Latvia www.environmentalresearch.eu Press release: Immediate Study of Pennsylvania shows that fracking kills babies. A new study of Pennsylvania Counties published today in the Journal of Environmental Protection compares early infant deaths 0-28 days before and after the drilling of fracking wells. It shows for the first time that contamination from fracking kills babies. [...]

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