In a new paper published today in the peer review journal Pediatric Dimensions, Prof. Busby presents the explanation for the increased rates of child leukemia found in those children living within 200m of high voltage powerlines

Explanation of Child leukemia both near High Voltage Powerlines and near Nuclear Sites - Green Audit, Atomic, Nuclear test veterans, Atomic test veterans, nuclear scienceThere is a strong statistical correlation between the trend in time of excess child leukemia rates and the measured levels of radioactive fallout from atmospheric weapons tests. This  shows that it is the concentration of radioactive particles near the powerlines causing the effect. The particles result from well-described electrostatic effects involving corona ions. The importance of this paper is that it explains both the powe line child leukemia findings and also the nuclear site child leukemia reports. The common cause is exposure of the foetus and child to radioactive particles, most probably Uranium particles, which were the only possible cause of excess leukemia in the Iraq DU studies, and the excess found at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in the 1990s. Such an explanation also fits the famous Sellafield cluster and the famous cluster at Fallon Nevada. This is the final scientific nail in the coffin of nuclear power and nuclear weapons.