Prof Busby addresses the Swedish Environmental Court

On 8th September Prof Chris Busby travelled to Stockholm to make a presentation of evidence to the 8 judges of the Swedish Nacka Environmental Court. He was provided with a translator and gave a 90 minute outline of the legal reasons, under European Law, why the proposed high level nuclear waste project at Forsmark, on the Baltic Sea coast of Sweden cannot be permitted.   He showed that evidence from Chernobyl effects in 10 European countries demonstrated clearly that low level radioactive contamination, of the kind that would be created by the Forsmark operation, would cause genetic damage and kill Swedish babies. He explained that the Swedish Radiological Protection agency SSM had been informed of this evidence but had refused to act, contrary to EU law. On the 11th, responses were made both by SSM and by Matt Harms Ringdahl of Stockholm University. Ringdahl accused Busby of cherry-picking evidence. Busby responded with the same accusation, one that had been confirmed in a 2009 interview with Dr jack Valentin, secretary of the International Commission on Radiological Protection.  Ringdahl is one of a number of pro-nuclear scientists who authored a 13th September paper on the issue of radiation risk published by the Royal Society in a desperate attempt to head off the legal catastrophe that is unfolding on the nuclear industry as a result of the new and important evidence published by Busby and his colleagues in the peer-review literature. The Nacka presentation is HERE (link).