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Re- justification of the Euratom Treaty Homepage

Because of new information on the effects of low dose radiation concerning the genetic damage that has now come to light, an application has been made to the Radiological Dept. of the Environmental Protection Agency in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe. If you wish to submit your own application for your organisation or personally  see the details of the application that has been submitted on the 12th December 2016 at 1.28 pm GMT please click on one of the relevant links at the bottom of the page the resources are free to use for this purpose.


“…Since the adoption of the Rome Treaty, the treaties have been regularly updated to meet the challenges of the day. EURATOM is unchanged since 1957. The situation could be somewhat improved if there was a coherent and up to date secondary legislation in the field of nuclear on the internal market. But there isn’t. In fact the situation is comparable to a city court basing its legal arguments on a day to day direct interpretation of the Constitution Indeed, here the interpretation depends on the Commission….”

Source to background info and updated Euratom related  issues found on the Nuclear Transparency Watch website (This page is not affiliated to this campaign but is informative) ;

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